Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Reading (or Listening) Challenge 4th Book

4. "Ice Shards" by Yasmin Galenorn e-Book (e-Novella)

I have read some of Ms. Galenorn's work, in paperback, in the form of her Chintz 'n China series as well as another (too short, in my opinion) series when she was writing as "India Ink". Lately, I have been listening to Ms. Galenorn's Otherworld series on my mp3 player. I enjoy her writing style and plots. The Otherworld series of books are intriguing and satisfy my imagination. I find the whole supernatural genre to be fabulous reading and have added more books dealing with witches, vampires, demons, dragons, werewolves, shifters, etc. to my "read" list and to the "to be read" list.

"Ice Shards" tells the background story of one of the characters (Iris, the house sprite) in the Otherworld series. Since I have been listening to the other books in this series, reading one (especially on my i-Phone) was a new experience for me. As I read, I could still hear the narrator (Cassandra Campbell) voice. The only difference I noted is the Otherworld books use one of the three D'Artigo sisters as the "narrator" if you will, starting with Camile (moon witch), Delila (were-tabby/were-panther) and Menoly (vampire). The books include all the characters, but the individual sister's story drives the action in each book. It was a nice change to hear the story through one of the other characters. After reading this one, I am hoping that Ms. Galenorn takes the time to write other novellas that focus on one or more of the other characters from Otherworld.

This story was a good, quick read, but I am wondering how much I would have enjoyed it if I had not started listening to the others in this series. As it stands, I read this story out of sequence; but not far enough out that I couldn't follow the plot line. I have finished up through book #8, but this story really happens between books #10 and #11. Guess I'll just have to listen to numbers 9 and 10 to catch up!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting story. I love finding a good series!