Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

This little bit of wisdom comes from "Aunt Ruth"

You will need:

4 Cups of Love
2 Cups of Loyalty
3 Cups of Forgiveness
3 Cups of Understanding
1 Cup of Friendship
5 Spoons of Hope
2 Spoons of Tenderness
4 Quarts of Faith
1 Barrel of Laughter

Take Love and Loyalty mix it thoroughly with Faith. Blend in Tenderness, Kindness and Understanding. Add Friendship and Hope, then sprinkle it abundantly with Laughter. Bake it with Sunshine. Serve DAILY in generous helpings.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weather

There is so much happening in my world right now, that if I don't focus on something else, I will go crazy. That brings us to that age-old, conversation starter...the weather.

I currently reside in California. "Sunny California" fits the bill (even when we are experiencing "June Gloom" and it's only May...LOL). Some folks would say that we don't have weather. In fact, I've caught myself saying those same words, but that's not true. We have weather...great weather!

Too bad the rest of the country cannot boast about great weather. The Southern States (Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia) have been having anything but great weather. Add the flooding of the Mississippi (in Louisiana and Mississippi), and now the deadly tornadoes in Missouri and I find myself very grateful to live here, June Gloom or not!

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania where we had ALL types of "weather". Blinding snow storms, sleet, hail, freezing rain, and below freezing temperatures in the winter. The flooding in June and July. 200% (it certainly FEELS that way) humidity in July and August. Spectacular lightening displays and thunderstorms almost any time during the year. The nip in the air in October and the first frost in November. It's so wonderful (well, except when there are hazardous conditions left in the wake of the weather) to feel the seasons change. I find myself longing for a change in the weather...instead of the Southern California forecast "morning fog clearing to afternoon sunshine". Please, don't get me wrong; I love living here! I find it hard even contemplating moving back to PA or anywhere else in this wonderful country of ours. But just once in a while, I'd really like to feel the autumn chill in the air and not feel like a total doofus when I say "I'm FREEZING!" and it's only 58 degrees F.

Monday, May 9, 2011



you have the body of one so young,
and the face of one so old,
curled up in the sun,
at peace with yourself and the world around you.

you are Buddha or Confucius,
            all knowing and learned,
yet you can play
like a babe.

many come to gaze upon you;
            to feel the wisdom
and the love of the ages,
            enclosed in a fur of timelessness.

i am richer for having
            happened upon you,
to have stroked your fur,
            and heard your purr.

i know in my heart,
            that I have brushed against
something larger than the world,
            in the tiny body,
            of a wise old cat.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Do you pray?

I pray. Religiously (excuse the pun). I pray every day. I do. Sometimes, the prayers are very formal, like when I say The Lord's Prayer. But most of the times, the prayers are very informal. I talk to God. I plead with God. I cry in anguish to God. I laugh with God. Yes, I believe in God. God's takes different shapes and forms. Sometimes God is She and sometimes He, but I digress.

Prayer is an important part of my life. Some days, I deliberately kneel, light a candle or two and pray for specific wants or needs. Some days I sit in a half-lotus pose and pray while I practice yoga. Some days I whisper prayers while I'm in my laboratory, or when I'm driving or when I'm walking. It really depends on how I feel and what is weighing on my mind.

There was a time when I'd start every prayer with "Thank you Lord for...this day; for... bringing my husband into my life; for... my life". Lately my prayers have been more urgent-feeling. "Please God, help bring my kitty back home soon."  "Please God, help my brother to finally feel better and never have headaches again."  "Please God, help my Mom feel better and not so lonely." "Oh God! Help (name withheld to protect the individual) get his life back on track; please take away the horrible mental illness."

I find myself praying for strength or for patience or for peace or just "Help me.".  Also there are times when I am wandering around the neighborhood on my daily walk and I see a particularly beautiful flower or the sun feels so warm on my skin that without thinking I smile and say "thank you" out loud for anyone or no one to hear.  When I see a stray cat or dog, I pray to help them find food or shelter or a home.

I have to admit that the prayers are answered...eventually. And as pain full as it is to admit, sometimes the prayers are not answered the way I WANT them to be answered. I subscribe to two thoughts on the subject of answering prayers.  First, God answers prayers on Her own time table, not mine. And second, sometimes She says "no". Still, I keep on praying. It's what I do. When I tell you that you're in my really are!

I believe that prayer works...give it a try...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OK...I'm actually doing this...

I have a very good friend, one of my two best friends in fact, who tells me that I should journal my life. Surprisingly enough, I kept journals while I attended college. That was fun. It was easy. I stored my college memories there. It worked then.

Now...a good many years later, I find that I don't want to store memories, but I want to have a place to think outside my head and to ask some questions and devine some new answers. Let's see what happens now...